How it Works

Keys to a Successful Fundraiser


Seller motivation is essential.
The most significant factor in determining the success of your fundraiser is the motivation of your salespeople. Find a way to give each seller a personal stake in what they sell. See our Sales Tips & Ideas page for more thoughts on this.

Make your sale educational.
If you’re a school organization, consider setting up your fruit sale as if it were a business. You could elect officers for your company, and empower them to run the business. Embracing this idea promotes greater ownership for those involved, and motivates them to work harder. In addition, everyone learns from the process.

Remind your salespeople that they are the face of your organization in your community.
Sales time can provide a real opportunity to promote your organization. Sales can be made in many different ways. Phone, email, and face to face are just a few of the most popular ways to reach out in your community.

Be Organized

The selling process
Use a computer spreadsheet to track your sales. We’ll be glad to email you a custom file for this upon request. Always double check everything. Mistakes are easy (and inexpensive) to fix if caught early.

Delivery day
Organize the product by item as you unload it. It’s very important to verify that you’ve received all of the items you ordered before you allow your people to walk out the door with the product they have sold. Again, double check everything. Deliver perishable products in a timely manner.

Maintain a list of your customers from year to year.
This often overlooked idea makes it easy to return to your satisfied customers year after year. It also ensures that when one of your top salespeople move on from your organization, their large customer base won’t be missed. When you sell quality products at a good value, your customers will be eager to buy again!


Ensure that your customers are pleased with their purchase and with your organization.
Prompt delivery is essential. Some of our customers will guarantee their products, but clearly state that any claims must be made within 1 day of delivery.

Say “Thank You”!
Enclose a note in your customer’s box thanking them for their support. You may even take an opportunity to highlight some of the things that make your organization worth supporting.

What People Are Saying

You were all amazing to work with and made it so easy – and the fruit is always amazing!!  I appreciate you all and your organization and wanted you to know that!

~4-H Club Advisor in Iowa