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Sales Tips & Ideas


Online Sales Option

We offer a simple online platform for each organization. It is easy to use and a convenient way to reach many people. Call our office for more information.


Utilize Social Media

It seems like everyone has a smartphone these days. Have your salespeople share their sale online via Facebook, Instagram or Snapchat for example. You would be surprised by the people you can reach on social media.


Kick Off Call Night

Gather your salespeople all together in one location for a call night. Have them come prepared with a list of 20-30 names of family and friends. For 30 minutes, have your salespeople start making phone calls and asking for the sale. Sometimes all you have to do is ask.


Newspaper Ad

Contact your local newspaper about placing an ad for your fruit sale. This gives everyone who reads the paper an opportunity to support your organization and enjoy some quality fruit! As a service to your organization, they may allow you to place the ad free of charge.

Direct Incentives

Many organizations have each person’s profit (or a portion of it) go directly to their own “account” within the organization. This is especially useful if each person is saving for a large event or trip. To encourage a minimum participation level, you may want to structure the incentive so that a seller will get credit for each item sold only if they sell at least a minimum number of items.

“Treasure Hunt” Certificates

Put together some special certificates and “hide” them with potential customers in your community. When one of your salespeople solicits a customer with a certificate, he or she has “found a treasure” and receives an award. In addition, give that customer a discount on their order for helping you out.

Creative Awards

We spoke with one advisor who took any salesperson who sold over a certain amount of product on a fishing trip the following summer. Obviously this would not work for everyone, but what creative prize might you be able to offer to your top salespeople?

Team Contest

Divide your salespeople into teams of 6-10. Reward the team that sells the most with something fun like a pizza party at their favorite place.

Ask Your People

Why not ask your salespeople what it would take for them to sell more, and see if it is feasible to motivate them in a way that they suggest. If you discover a winning idea, share it with us, so we can add it to this list.


What People Are Saying

"People were very impressed with the quality of the fruit, as well as the meat and cheese. Thanks."

~Barb in Iowa