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Monticello, IA Brochure

These brochures showcase all of our best-selling boxes,and are a popular option for a fall sale. 

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Combination Brochure

Our Combination (Combo) Brochure features our best-selling Holiday and Mixed Boxes, along with our complete meat/cheese/nut "Especially for you..." line all in one brochure. When we print your customized sales form on the back of this 11x17 layout, your salespeople will conveniently have everything they need for sales on one sheet of paper!

Monticello, IA Combo Brochure

A fruit sale is unique. Consider the following…

Fruit is Healthy
In this day and age, everyone is encouraged to be more conscious of their health. Schools in particular are giving more attention than ever to the health and diet of children.

Fruit is Desirable
People want to buy good quality fruit. So much so that they are often disappointed when they find out they’ve missed their chance. In fact, fruit sales are sometimes viewed as a service to the community. It almost sells itself!

Fruit is Renewable
When it’s gone, your customers will be eager to buy again next time. Once you have a fruit sale established, your customers will begin looking forward to it…even asking you to be sure to contact them!

The MinnTex Program
Our program is anchored by delicious California Navel Oranges and Washington Apples and Pears. Our pricing information is clear about the top grades of produce that we offer. We do not play games with lower grades of fruit to save money. We believe that satisfied customers will be repeat customers.

Our mixed box program is second to none. Mixed boxes are available in three different sizes and with various assortments of fruit, ensuring that you’ll have an assortment to please any customer’s taste. We make it easy to offer these attractive assortments with boxes that are clearly labeled, numbered, and distinctively colored!

Of course, we also have non mixed options available, including 20 and 40 pound boxes of citrus, three different sizes of apple boxes, and two sizes of pear boxes. Additionally we offer individual pineapples, and 5lb boxes of clementine mandarin oranges. For a complete listing of available fruit items see our forms page.

To keep things simple, we recommend that you offer no more than 20 fruit items. We will print a customized sales form for your sale on the back of one of our full color brochures at no charge.

Click on the thumbnail below to view a sample customized sales form.

Master Item Listing:

MinnTex Citrus-Master Sales list

8.5x11 Sales Form:

MinnTex Citrus-8.5 x 11 Sales Form

11x17 Sales Form:

MinnTex Citrus-11 x 17 Sales Form

What People Are Saying

"We miss your service and great fruit! That is truly why we'd like to use MinnTex again. Thanks for working with us."

~Band Instructor in Minnesota